With each event that I officiate my job is to help the couple in whatever way I can. In each case a pre-event interview is included. This is where the couple and I meet together to decide on all the important details and will be how I gather the information I need to officiate the event in a way that best captures the essence of the couple in order to create the perfect ceremony. It can be as traditional, alternative, or as unique as you'd like. Some weddings are about celebration, while others are about the sacred, in the end, I want this moment to be exactly what the two of you have dreamt it will be.


The three common packages that couples can choose from - 1) Standard: this includes the pre-interview and the ceremony officiation only. Midrange: this includes the pre-interview, a rehearsal hour, and the ceremony officiation. 2) Upper-range: this includes the pre-interview, pre-merital counseling, a rehearsal hour, and the ceremony officiation. 

And of course I work with couples from all different backgrounds, religions, cultures, and spiritual beliefs. 

Additional Wedding Information

Being able to participate in people's celebrations is one of the most important things I do. Weddings, wedding vow renewals, commitment ceremonies, and holy unions are joyful events, giving people the opportunity to come together to celebrate love and commitment in all its variety and glory. 

Pre-Marital & Marriage Counsel:
This is highly recommended, either with a spiritual advisor, such as myself, or from a state licensed therapist. This can address anything from pre-marriage nerves or common married life concerns to serious issues or concerns of the present or future. Life is amazing, relationships are fulfilling, but there are always difficulties and it is the courages, the wise, and prudent that ask for feedback, help, or intervention. See More.
Marriage Equality:
Equality is an important and fundamental principle. The OPC and I as your ceremonial officiant stand with all those that believe and promote marriage equality. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at 801-608-2451 or through email here.  
The Marriage License:
If you are marrying in Salt Lake City, please follow this informational link to obtain your marriage license. If you are marrying outside of Salt Lake City, please follow this informational link to obtain your marriage licenses in other areas of the state of Utah. If you are marrying in another state, or want to know the current status of the laws of various states regarding same-sex marriages, please follow this informational link.
A wedding ceremony should represent the couple so I've listed three popular ceremonies here. Each one can be altered as little or as much as a couple prefers. The vows can be completely unique or can be the ones listed with the ceremony. Of course, you don't have to choose one of these three, if you want something different, like a Hindu ceremony, I can do that too. 
Reverend Violet:
I strive to make each wedding ceremony as unique as each couple. Being able to share in the major milestones of people's lives is a honor I cherish. Want to know more about me - visit my full bio here.

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