Pastor Violet's Bio

Saigim means truth seeker and is interchangeable with Reverend, Pastor, or Chaplain.


Saigim Wylder has lived in five different states in the U.S., graduated high school in Utah and later graduated from UVU with a degree in Behavioral Science. Reverend Wylder has worked in a variety of jobs, mostly in the mental and physical health sectors, working with both healthcare practitioners and patients.

In 2011 Violet entered a masters program but was soon moved to change fields and focused on an English Secondary Education license for a time. For a year she served as the Chaplain for Brighton Recovery Center. Throughout her life she has dealt with a variety of physical and mental health issues. It is her belief that these are largely due to being a survivor of severe abuse.

"It has been a wild ride with adventures both dark and light and that is how I came to be. Seeking truth has and always will be at the center of my journey to recovery and sustained happiness and health." 

Pastor Wylder's dream began with the simple question in 2011 - where have all the sanctuaries gone? The subsequent vision was one of a beautiful sanctuary that paid homage to every religion, a sanctuary that was accessible to all. In 2015 the details of how that could become a reality began to unfold, leading to the official creation of THE OPC in 2016. 

"The hardest thing about founding a church and becoming a pastor isn't all the paperwork, the need for financial backing, or even the technological aspect. Instead it's knowing that you don't have anything unique to offer people, not really. The truth exists everywhere we turn and is available through accessing our higher-selves, so what am I doing? The answer has always been and will always be, supporting the natural process."

Participating in creating sanctuary, community, and education for all is Pastor Violet's highest purpose and honor. 

Saigim Wylder offers officiates weddings, special events, funerals, and provides personal and family coaching. One of her specialities is working with people to help them heal, manage, and create healthy awareness of sex, intimacy, and communication.

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