The Path

This is a generic, overused phrase.

That being said, it is the only one that I have found so far that works for the communicative purposes for either The OPC or personal use. From my view, when people are talking about mindfulness or mindful practices they are talking about tools or skills used to become aware of The Path.

The Path exists regardless of awareness. Individual paths are only made unique by our footsteps. Otherwise, The Path is the universal ground that makes up all paths and we are all connected by this ground which is made up of all things and all things are living.

Living in the common, mortal sense is only defined by time because all things are living through the process of creation and decomposition, a process even rocks go through. Within this process of creation and decomposition reproduction takes place (see Hawkings definition of life). Therefore, all things are born and even in death they participate in creation, reproduction, or birth through transformation, or recycling if you prefer.

The Path is not the same as The Process, but it is often used to refer to The Process.

The Final Picture:

Someone's path may feel like a road, known or unknown, traveled by many or few, dirt or pavement, through forest or city.

Another might feel winding, mysterious or even terrifying, blind to before sharp turns, steep and lonely, but seemingly lofty, but always still just a path.

Other paths might seem or feel like water, coming from the same place, traveling to the ocean, but no course is the same from cloud to land, deep wells or shallow streams.

While every path is unique, we are all in it together.

The question is not where we will we choose to go, but where will our paths take us and what will we do when we get there?

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