On Being Mortal

For most of us life can often feel like a battle where we pick the fights we're willing to join, winning some, losing some, and resting when we're not in the thick of it.

Its easy to feel like we're in it alone, that we are the ones that won the battle, that earned the victory and likewise, we are responsible for the losses.

This makes it all too easy to idolize those cloaked in mystery, success, and beauty while we judge those that are not. This perpetuates the win or lose, the haves and the haves not. It perpetuates the idea that we deserve what we get and increases fear in losing what we have.

In a reality of infinite possibilities we are handicapping ourselves, those around us, and our communities from local to global proportions by pretending things are binary, they are not. What I am and what you are cannot be categorized by either, or. My gender is more than genitalia, my age is more than numbers, my experiences are more than a series of choices that only I made.

We have created this category to discuss what it means to be alive in all its variety, to do away with the binary ideas and begin discussing real people, real problems, and real solutions.

Stop fighting, the world has had its share of warriors. We do not need saviors and heroes as much as we need each other.


#OPC #Life #celebratediversity

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