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Through a series of events I have stumbled across the term DBT = Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Up until recently I had never heard of this before, which surprised me because I have been involved in the mental health industry for over ten years. I am excited about this discovery because it appears to be a mental health practice that not only teaches skills, but does so with similar if not the same principles of The Philosophy of Zero.

I will be investigating this more - keep an eye open for updates to this post.

Update 7/21/17

More experience with practicing and studying DBT is promising indeed. The other day I was going over a skill and discovered a principle I have thought, wrote, and taught about but was given a much deeper sense of through the DBT program. I feel like at this point I can say that the nuts and bolts of DBT can definitely support OPC members or anyone trying to practice The Philosophy of Zero.

For more information about DBT I found the following two websites:


Local Practice:

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