Holding Space

What does it mean to hold space? It's like a prayer; a heart-mind practice of acknowledging a need and then practicing The Philosophy of Zero. Remember, infinite possibilities!

Example: Parents & Children

Parents want what's best for their children, but we can't know what that is all of the time without knowing everything (The Philosophy of Zero). What? I thought parents were the experts? No, parenting is always an experiment because each child, all the physical, chemical, spiritual, and environmental aspects equal a totally unique being that requires unique responses. This is why awareness is so important.

So, instead of a parent praying for what they think their children need, they maintain focus on their own path while holding space for the children as they walk their own unique paths.

This means, instead of putting faith in our own imperfect wisdom, we put it in a higher power, one of infinite, unconditional love and wisdom.

This is practicing humility in a way that effortlessly opens the way for solutions.


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