Phase Three - Construction!

Technology has made webpage creation and design possible for pretty much anyone, the proof is in the pudding since I am doing it. What I've discovered is most of what goes on can't be seen. This has been humbling, but I am so excited - the possibilities are endless!

Besides the six visible pages we have ten more under construction. That is going to take some time, but I am hoping that this time next year this website humming.

In addition to the website, social media is being set up, so far I've got a rough Facebook page, a Twitter account and a Google + page, not to mention all the other possibilities, but I am only one person so I encourage people to get involved, let's do this thing!

Phase 1 - conceptualization of a religion of infinite possibilities with the birth of the Philosophy of Zero, or better said, the discovery and conceptualization of ancient and sacred principles.

Phase 2 - the birth of THE OPC - Tattoo Included

Phase 3 - Construction: Web Presence

Note: None of these were planned, it has been a ongoing organic experience.

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