Why is The OPC inclusive of all? The main reason is because of The OPC3's element of community. See what we mean here. Without diversity community loses some of its value. It is through diversity that people evolve and it is through evolution that problem solving happens, on both individual and group levels. Never has the world stood in such need of this and so we believe in modeling it, creating community that practices it, and simply holding space for it.


In an effort to be very clear I'd like to define spirituality as connection. Brené Brown says the following about it, "It's what gives purpose and meaning to our lives. This is what it's all about. It doesn't matter whether you talk to people who work in social justice, mental health and abuse and neglect, what we know is that connection, the ability to feel connected, is -- neurobiologically that's how we're wired -- it's why we're here.”

Check this Ted Talk out to understand what connection is all about:



The OPC offers a variety of services. If you're unsure about what you're looking for or if The OPC is right for you then feel free to use the contact form to begin a dialogue. Keep in mind that all consultations are free. Rev. Wylder works with people from all different backgrounds, religions, cultures, and spiritual beliefs including atheists.

Services Provided:

Wedding Services: 
Rev. Wylder officiates weddings either traditionally, non-traditionally, or OPC style. This includes the consultation and can include both rehearsal time and pre-marital counseling which is highly recommended for all couples.  Learn More. For pricing information go here. Book a consultation here.
Meditation is quickly becoming a global practice and it isn't a wonder why. It provides daily practice of mindfulness and is a way to connect with a diverse range of people through group meditation practice. Check the community board page to keep track of regularly scheduled groups, classes, and events. Go here if you're interested in scheduling a class. For more information on meditation check out this page.
Coming of Age Ceremonies:
This can be when a child reaches puberty, turns 16, or graduates. The more life becomes digital the more important it will be for our children to have opportunities to make real life connections. Celebrating milestones is a wonderful way to do this. Including an element of ritual is a way to add relevance to the moment. Book a consultation here.
Other Ceremonies:
Loss is another part of life that often leaves us reeling. We have found that finding a way to mark these times of change can create hope and healing as we move through these events. This can include funerals or wakes, divorces, and any kind of loss. These can be group or individual events that can be as traditional or individualized as needed. Schedule a consultation here.
Membership Options:
There are two types of membership, community and religious membership. We encourage everyone to get involved as a community member while becoming a member of The Orthodox Paradox Church is something that requires community membership initially and Saigim Mentorship. Learn more here or schedule a consult here.

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