Mentoring vs Mentorship: Everyone needs a little inspiration, advice, or guidance once in a while, this is what I'm calling mentoring. Mentorship is when someone is interested in a mentor either for their own personal growth or because they are interested in becoming a member of The OPC.

Developing a clear understanding of or strengthening of your unique journey and path.

Developing a relationship with the mystical, your higher self, or the divine.

Discovering how personal growth can improve personal relationships

Discovering what drives you and if it gets you where you want to go or if it is sabatoging your ability to leading a life of peace, bliss, and contentment.

Getting support through life transitions like career change, marraige, divorce, or death.

Developing skills to manage emotions and stressful situations

Discovering how living your truth leads to abundance, fullfillment, and replaces unwanted habits and attitudes. 

Discovering how this leads to greater imagination and therefore creative problem solving

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