Discovering the Sacred:


The sacred exists through the paradox of silent stillness and active participation. The process leads us to sacred celebration. It exists within the core of all of us and cannot be altered or destroyed, only ignored. It is the beauty of individuality and unity. The Path and The Process is taught and supported through membership. Joining The OPC is joining a movement, a revolution to heal humanity. It often feels like diving into dark, still waters which can be frightening but it is there you will be able to truly breathe. We invite all who feel the call. 
Developing and participating in inclusive community will be a natural part of OPC membership. Unlike most religions, we see community as secondary to your personal journey. This is because The Path is a practice of authentic, organic awareness that automatically allows everything else to fall into place. A primary aspect of community as a member will be meditating with a group on a regular basis. Learn More
As a member of the OPC you commit to a life of continual education, including the lifelong process of discovering who you are and how to recognize your unique path. This is the process of learning to be present, which requires consistent, disciplined meditation. Membership means honoring these principles above opinion, agenda, and personal gain, and will include a kind of mentorship with a Saigim. Learn More
Two of the most important moments on the path include the sanctuary experience. The first will be discovering the part that helplessness plays in the sacred. The second will be providing for someone who is experiencing that first part of their journey when you have reached the point to be able to do this, not as an act of service, but as a call to action. Learn More 


Most religions press for membership, we are rather different in this respect. While we invite everyone to join the OPC community and participate in the OPC 3, we realize everyone has a unique path. Therefore, we know OPC membership is not going to be appropriate for everyone.


What is the difference between being part of the OPC community and being an OPC member? Being part of the OPC community can be as simple as reading our blogs or as interactive as planning events, the possibilities are infinite.


Being an OPC member also offers infinite possibilities, but it is committing to practicing the OPC 3, namely living authentically first and foremost. Below is a outline with some basic information about membership. We encourage you to read as much as you can, always feeling free to send us your questions, comments, or concerns.



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