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We have all experienced the impossible task that suddenly became possible with help. Community is one of THE OPC three: community, education, and sanctuary. This is by design. Over the last few decades community has taken a real beating, consequently people feel more isolated than ever. This contributes to depression, anxiety, bullying, and general discord. We need community. 
THE OPC community includes the following levels: local, state, national, and global. 
Local: People need to get together. We may not have barn raising events any more, so what, let's come up with a contemporary version of this. Let's find ways to support each other and celebrate together. What are we celebrating? Anything or nothing - how about the weather, rain, snow, or sunshine! 
State: This is the level where people can start sharing what has worked, what hasn't, and start figuring out how to be a part of change. This is going to be where we see groups of people that might have nothing in common, except for one thing - a desire for inclusive community - working together in order to create sustainable solutions. 
National: This is just another level of celebration, information sharing, and change. We can already see it now - OPC peeps meeting for national conferences or retreats, basking in the glow of diversity. 
Global: The most exciting aspect of today's technology is being able to connect with anyone anywhere in the world. It is our belief that creating a global community is going to be the key to world peace. 
There is power in individuality and diversity. Paradox is an essential part of life, one that creates and sustains balance. This might be the hardest part of the path to understand and practice. So far, history shows us that self serving agenda's, are not sustainable. Systems are breaking down and covering a crumbling foundation cannot fix a house. 
THE OPC doesn't have all the answers, but it is offering a platform for people to come together in order to find them.
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