Saigim in Training

Lana honors her path by promoting social justice and learning how to authentically live her truth. She struggles with severe depression and anxiety but has not let that destroy her multifaceted, colorful self. 


... for infinite possibilities! THE OPC recognizes that anything is possible and that is what makes so terrifying, but it is also what makes it so exciting.

There is a vacuum as people realize that religion is not giving them what they are looking for, what they need - authenticity and acceptance. 

Our mission: 

  • Help people discover divinity and how it is accessible to all

  • Build Sanctuaries - oasis' for spirituality, healing, and learning

  • Support the process of education - that which leads to wisdom

  • Build community - helping people connect over similarities and differences alike

  • Support the concept of unconditional love  

Explore our website or better yet, join the community, there's no wrong way - it can be as simple as joining in the conversation or as big as becoming a member of THE OPC institution.


Membership can be your primary religion or supplementary to whatever you practice and believe. How does this work? Well, we believe that divinity cannot be defined within the limits of the human mind, but we respect all aspects that have been attributed to divinity, the Jewish, the Christian, and the Muslim to name a few. We also embrace a lot of naturalistic principles, ones that resemble Wiccan and Buddhist practices.


Ultimately, through the daily practice of the philosophy of Zero, people discover who they really are and how to honor their individual path.    

Founder, Pastor = Saigim
Grand Saigim

P is a true seeker of truth. She was a Saigim before THE OPC was even conceived. She is an advocate for the earth and all its creatures, especially the dachshund. Never has there been a better mentor or friend than the one who listens and answers the call.

Violet's life has been dedicated to discovering what it means to be alive. The journey has not always been easy, but it has been profound, educational, and mystical- which lead her to founding the Orthodox Paradox Church and Community.

It's time...
Seekers of Truth

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